Wiredog Guitars are handmade in my workshop in Bude, Cornwall.

The first question you may ask is, why buy a handmade guitar? I would ask, why wouldn't you?! A handmade guitar can be truly personalised and tailored to your specification, musical taste and playing style. Avoid the mass-produced gear that everyone else has, and make a statement that is unique about you and your music. Whilst you're at it, you can be sure that your new guitar has been constructed to an exceptional standard and quality, using the best parts and materials available and is even environmentally friendly.

Whether you're into blues, rock'n'roll, indie, punk or face-melting metal, you can find your perfect axe right here. If none of the stock guitars are doing it for you, all of the standard models are fully customisable, with choices of woods, hardware and finishes. Contact me to discuss your own custom build, and get a personalised quote.

All the guitars are handmade, one at a time. Timber and hardware are sourced from responsible and reputable suppliers; local suppliers are used where possible. I use alternative and sustainable materials, such as rocklite and richlite, and I only use environmentally friendly finishes, such as natural oils and water based paints and lacquers.

A little about me...

I've always loved playing the guitar (although have remained distinctly average), but I've also always had a fascination with the instrument itself. I've spent many an hour standing and staring at walls of guitars in music shops, and imagining the incredible music those instruments could make in the right hands.

Whilst living in New Zealand a few years back, I began to research the process of making a guitar. Following lots of internet research,hours on YouTube and plenty of books, I took a carpentry course at the local Polytechnic. Upon completion of the course, I was able to use the facilities to start building my first guitar. Needless to say it had a numerous issues, but it worked, and from then on I was hooked.

Following the move back to the UK, I  set up a workshop  and continued building my knowledge and skill base, culminating in designing and building my own unique model.

A keen eye for detail and a passion for perfection in my work has meant that progress has been painfully slow at times; machines needed to be tweaked to be truly fit for purpose, tools had to be sourced from countries all over the world, but eventually I got there, and the result is a customised workshop that enables me to be proud of each and every guitar created under the Wiredog name.

My local beach...sorry!

My local beach...sorry!