1. Your guitar is guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and workmanship, subject to limitations contained in this warranty, for a period of twelve months from the time it leaves our workshop (shipped or collected). This warranty is not transferable to any subsequent owner.

2. Should your guitar develop a fault or become damaged as a result of faulty materials or workmanship you should notify us immediately, and Wiredog Guitars will repair the defect(s). If the fault/ damage is due to faulty materials or workmanship, the cost of shipping will be refunded to the buyer. If the guitar is deemed non-repairable (subject to our own discretion), a full refund will be offered, or it will be replaced with a guitar of similar appearance, style and value, at the agreement of the buyer.

3. Should our findings indicate that the fault or damage is not caused by a defect in materials and workmanship, we may charge you for the repair or service and return of your guitar.

4. The warranty is void under the following circumstances;

- If the guitar has been altered or modified in any way

- If the guitar has been damaged by accident during use, abuse, misuse or improper maintenance

- If the guitar has been subjected to extremes of temperature or humidity       which could damage the wood or the structure of the instrument

- If the guitar has been sold to a new owner; the warranty is non-transferable

-If the guitar was purchased more than twelve months prior to the warranty claim.

5. The warranty does not cover the following;

- Freight damage of any kind

- Any subjective matter such as tonal characteristics or feel

- Normal wear and tear of any part of the guitar; including but not limited to frets, strings, metal plating and scratches or wear on the finish

- Hardware and pickups

6. Wiredog Guitars will not be liable for any expenses, claims or suits arising from loss of earnings, lost profits, indirect or incidental damages resulting from use, non-use or performance of the guitar.

7. Returns are accepted on stock guitars purchased from the online shop within 14 days of purchase. Following an inspection of the returned instrument, a full refund will be given, provided that the guitar is in the same condition as when it was first sent. Unfortunately the cost of return shipping will not be refunded (unless the guitar is faulty, in which case, return shipping will be refunded).